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Canai International

Canai (Hongkong) international technical development co.,Ltd, is an integrated multi-national company covering research & development, production and operations. Business involved in the field of biomedicine, textile, electronic commerce, baby product, real estate, oil and others. Its Far East headquarter was established in 1968 and is located in Hongkong. Marketing centers are set up in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Guangzhou, Indonesia, and Thailand. It also has offices set up in Philipines, South Korea, North America & Australia. The Business covers the whole of Southeast Asian and the pasific, Indian Ocean region.

Canai adheres to the principle of “Being an honest man, doing the correct deeds”. Relying on its strong R&D capabilities, makes significant entries into chain business industry and high-tech spectrum anlyzer market. This provides advanced fashion items, body shaping products, Health Oxygen Sanitary napkin is an essential female personal care. With its two unique patents, its ensures the exclusivity of the product and the huge market potensial. It is exported to Europe, America, Midle East, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. Canai Spectrum Shaping Instrument is the pride of Canai’s product family. Awarded with country spectrum technology double revolution for spectrum equipment & shaping undergarment industry, totally reflecting the unique patent, it is a charm of the spectrum technology. The introduction of international brands like “Snoopy” & “GuGu Bear” for baby pruduct series, “Kolea” for makeup series, “ROSELUSA” for skin care series, “LVV” for accessories series and “IFONG” for fashion series, laid a strong & solid foundation for the listing integration.

Besides the  first-class product R&D capabilities, Canai also prosesses a superior  innovation capability in business model. With a strong entrepreneurial passion, a magnificient goal and a pragmatic working attitude. Canai is progressing according to its strategic plan in down-to-earth manner. Is is steadily building  a sound chain-shop business architecture and global online business operating system in mainland China and around the world. This promotes standartization, computerized information, systematization, capitalization & Globalization which molded Canai International and its member projects into the industry leader, contributing positively & significantly to the rising of another world luxury brand.