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Canai first started its business in HongKong and it is today an integrated, multi-national and high-tech company. It has always adhered to the concept of “spreading Chinese traditional culture and improving healthy living”. Canai has been promoting “be an honest man, do the correct deed” and encouraging people to equip themselves with “sincere heart, kind heart and good heart” and “righteousness, ease&confidence and courage” by breaking through selfish love and receiving the great love from the world. With its deep traditional culture and many remarkable achievements in technology, Canai is regarded as a role model corporation with great moral integrity and love. 

Since its establishment, Canai has aimed to serve customers with high-tech and universally high quality products and service. It comprehensively promotes people’s happiness and creates a harmonious new age that contributes to the rise of the Chinese luxury brand. After completing the structure of overseas development in various countries and regions such as Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, HongKong, Taiwan and Macau, Canai has now officially  entered the China market. And with the guidance of the “WHC” top design pattern, market penetration speed is beyond expectation and likewise roll-out speed is astonishingly fast. In the same year the Australia and France branches have been set up and the Paris flagship store has been established. Canai plans to expand even faster to the wider global market in the near future.


Canai has an independent research and development facility that develops technology and produces products independently. Canai was granted a direct-selling license faster than any other company in the industry and was recognized for altruistic commercial marketing. Moreover, under the strong leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Cima, “Canai Spectrum”products, developed by our  R&D team have been awarded numerous national patents. Canai was the only domestic company to receive such invention certificates in 2016. In 2016, Canai Spectrum products passed certification testing of the Japan Infrared Application Association and were awarded the Fine Quality Recommended Certificate, demonstrating the amazing effectiveness of Canai Spectrum. In the same year, Canai was honored to invite famous Japanese master Mr.Yamaguchi Hasegawa to become our chef design consultant and engage Ms.Matsuoka Misa as assistant designer.


Canai is pursuing a key and forward thinking goal to create a sustainable and long lasting company that can join the ranks of the Fortune 500. Canai lives by the principle of giving others benefit and promoting self improvement, and adheres to the concept of respecting parents and teachers . We strive to develop a harmonious partnership with our clients, agents, suppliers and employees. We also call on all of our business partners to engage in public welfare and make a contribution to create a better society. 
When culture becomes a universal language, communication around the world is no longer a dream. When the world begins to understand Canai’s dream with loving kindness being the essence of the world, the world will have no boundaries.


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